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Lightforce LED Lights

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Lightforce Striker LED Driving Lights

With a stylish rectangular form factor for a cool look on any 4X4, SUV or ute, and great all-round performance, Striker LEDs are the latest Driving Lights from the leader in performance lighting.

Price A$595.00

Lightforce Venom LED 150mm Driving Lights

The Australian designed and made Venom LED packs a generous beam of 850M @ 1 LUX into compact housing, perfect for any application. Providing increased audio clarity with the inclusion of reduced radio frequency interference technology, Venom LED assists in getting you to your destination in comfort, with safety always at the forefront.

This price is for a pair of lights (i.e. 2x lights)

Price A$958.00

Lightforce Genesis LED 210mm Driving Lights

Pushing the limits of daylight and truly redefining LED performance with an output of 1053m @ 1 LUX, Lightforce’s Australian designed and made 140W Genesis LED provides increased audio clarity with the inclusion of CISPR25 compliant reduced radio frequency interference technology. 

This price is for a pair of lights (i.e. 2x lights)

Price A$1,350.00

Lightforce DL230 HTX 70W HID Driving Lights

These all new Australian made lights feature a 70W-HID fast start bulb in the centre of a 170mm reflector, providing the ultimate in long distance performance. The reflector is surrounded by 80 watts of LED in a circular pattern – that is equivalent to the spread produced by a standard 20” LED light bar.

Price A$1,595.00